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Well-Child Exams

Well-Child Exams services offered in Intervale, NH

All children deserve to work with a highly skilled health practitioner like Valerie Lozier, PsyD, FNP-BC, at Lozier Medicine LLC in Intervale, New Hampshire, for routine well-child exams. These visits form a strong foundation for a lifetime of great health, so don’t delay booking an appointment for your child today. You can reach the office online or by phone to schedule a visit. 

What is a well-child exam?

Well-child exams are routine preventive health visits. These visits begin shortly after birth and are called well-baby visits until your little one grows into the toddler stage. From that point on, annual well-child visits are important through high school. 

These appointments are the setting where a child receives developmental screening. Your child’s practitioner assesses their height and weight and compares that information to statistics compiled from children who share your child’s same age and sex. 

This comparison allows pediatric health providers to identify when a child falls outside of the normal developmental range. If this occurs, your provider discusses what those differences might mean and which screening options might reveal more information. 

What happens during well-child exams?

The initial part of the visit centers on gathering routine information about your child’s development, including the way they interact and communicate. Every effort is made to make the experience fun for kids. The physical assessment part of the visit doesn’t take long and is not painful. 

Well-child visits also offer vaccines to children in need of developing a strong and resilient immune system. Your practitioner lets you know which vaccines are needed and is happy to answer any general questions about immunization. 

As kids grow older, practitioners begin to communicate with them directly about health topics. This slow process helps your child begin to take agency regarding their own health and wellness journey. 

How can I help a child who is fearful of coming in for a well-child exam?

Kids can develop fears surrounding health visits. Sometimes it’s a scary movie that gives them pause, or it might be something as simple as hearing a friend or family member talk about a negative medical experience. 

If your child expresses anxiety about an upcoming well-child visit, it might help to bring them along during your next routine annual exam. Once they see there’s nothing to fear and that visits can be fun, they might begin to look forward to their chance to see the team at Lozier Medicine LLC. 

When you’re ready to schedule a visit, online booking offers an easy way to connect with the practice. You can also book online in just a matter of moments.